Video: How to Go From Las Vegas to the Grand Canyon

How to Go from Las Vegas to Grand Canyon - Google+ 2014-07-19 09-08-21

Hey folks, this is a Google+ Hangout video that shares ways to get from Las Vegas to the Grand Canyon. It's very helpful and fast to load so you don't have to wait all day for the clip to play. … [Read more...]

Grand Canyon Sundown

grand canyon south sunset

Ah, to be at Grand Canyon South right now enjoying the view. Even better would be a sunset. Just like the folks in the picture. I can't stress how awesome Canyon sunsets are. I mean, sure, we all … [Read more...]

Blustery Grand Canyon

picture of grand canyon on a blustery winter day

Some like the Grand Canyon on a clear day. Me, I prefer it a bit more on the wild side with clouds, rain, snow, sunsets and more. I think it makes an already incredible landscape even more … [Read more...]

Grand Canyon People Perch

grand canyon national park mather point south rim

Mather Point is truly one of the best look out points at Grand Canyon, wouldn't you say? I mean look at the views you get. And on a clear day, you can see the Colorado River at the bottom and the … [Read more...]

Grand Canyon Sunset Rainstorm

grand canyon sunset in rain

I know it sounds like a contradiction in terms: Sunset and rain. But the phenomena that you see in the photo happens all the time at Grand Canyon National Park. In fact, it's about to start up … [Read more...]

Grand Canyon Day Break

the sun rises over grand canyon national park

Nothing quite compares to waking up and seeing the Grand Canyon at sunrise. Especially with a cup of coffee in your hand. I just got back from the South Rim. Stayed at one of the cabins at Bright … [Read more...]

Hot NEW Las Vegas Airplanes Tours to Grand Canyon

grand canyon skywalk airplane tours

Las Vegas airplane tours to the Grand Canyon have just taken a major leap forward. In addition to great pricing, there's a NEW batch that make sightseeing the National Park easier than ever. Used … [Read more...]

5-Star Air Tour? Go Maverick Helicopters!

maverick helicopters las vegas tours

I just posted a piece that compared Maverick and Papillon's South Rim airplane tour from Las Vegas. It created quite a stir but overall readers are telling me it helped them a great deal. Go … [Read more...]

Video: The Importance of Booking Grand Canyon Tours in Advance

blake lively grand canyon twitter

I can't say it enough: "If you are going to take a Grand Canyon tour, please purchase it in advance." This video concisely says it all: This is especially directed at travelers going to … [Read more...]

Video: How to Pick Between West Rim, South Rim of Grand Canyon

standing at the edge of the grand canyon

Choosing to visit either the West Rim or the South Rim of the Grand Canyon is one of the biggest decisions facing travelers. However, there are few ways to whittle it down to size. And … [Read more...]