Grand Canyon temperatures, camping, etc.?

I was wondering if anyone knew the average temperatures in late November-early December at the Grand Canyon? Both at the rim and at the bottom.

What are some items that might be beneficial for camping at the bottom besides the obvious food, water, tent, light, etc?

Also, what is the best way to get to the Canyon from Flagstaff?

Thank you for any information!!!
I’ll be flying into Flagstaff and would need transportation to the Canyon….(Flagstaff Express, OpenRoad Shuttles, etc)

Was also wondering what to bring with me that would supplement my experience.

Thanks for all the help!!!
Why could the tent be optional? Could it be warm enough to camp without one at the end of Novemeber?

Thanks for all your info and help!!

It can be stunningly cold on the rim that time of year. 20s to below zero.

The Phantom Ranch area will be similar to Phoenix.

I would not consider the tent optional. That can help you stay warm, especially if it gets windy.


  1. lardawg54 says:

    Check out Map Quest for driving directions. As for the Weather in November it will vary from 35 to 75 degrees along with the Santa Anna winds. It is beautiful year around but not a whole lot of fun with that kind of wind.
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  2. Wayner says:

    Temperatures: At the bottom – same as Vegas. On the South Rim – same as Flag.

    Make sure you have a backcountry permit.

    It’ll be chilly at night, even at the bottom, so bring a fleece jacket, hat, and gloves.

    If you are staying at Bright Angel Campground, bring some money to go to the Catina at Phantom Ranch to grab some hot cocoa.

    I would also NOT consider a tent optional. It’s better to have it and not need it than to need it and not have it.
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  3. mr danger says:

    Without getting too far into this
    The basics:
    There is always a 25-30 degree temp difference between Rim and River and in the process of taking that walk you will traverse 5 of the worlds climate zones
    Rim temps during that time of the year can easily be in the 20′s with snow when you start your hike
    and most trails can get snowy and icy on top
    Obviously I know nothing of your hiking experience or what your plans are But the basics are that you do need a back-country permit for all over night stays below the Rim
    If you want to do the classic first- time- in -the -Canyon hike of going down the S.Kaibab
    spending 2.5 days at Bright Angel CG and then coming up the Bright Angel Trail and spending a night at Indian Gardens ,I can tell you that you are going to have trouble getting a back-country permit for this year for that hike and those campsites and the Back-Country Office may ask you for a Plan B itinerary>which can get really interesting if you don’t know the Canyon
    Despite the fact that the River runs thru the Canyon ,campsites on the River are far and few between and if you can’t use the River as water source then that changes both your world and your equipment list significantly
    Your tent may become an optional item>unless it’s of the ultra -light variety
    If you are an experienced hiker there is one really great hike that puts you right on the River and allows you to spend a couple of days exploring up River & down River
    Head out to Lipan Point and descend the Tanner Trail to the River .
    It’s a long but great hike
    On your way, up plan on making a dry camp on the saddle between Cardenas & Escalante Buttes
    Three things that you absolutley must carry
    A means to purify water .Unscented household bleach works as does the sucky iodine tablets and then it gets progressively more exotic and expensive from there
    A means to dig a hole for your solid waste>aka the classic orange plastic trowel
    A means to deal with the TP >a couple of Zip lock bags with a little Borax in it work wonders
    You can also go on a low residue diet and not have to worry about a BM for a week
    Have a good hike and add details as needed
    Update :
    I don’t know if you know this but there is an airport adjacent to the Park
    The Airport code is GCN
    Scenic Airlines [code YR ] flies the route from Las Vegas>LAS
    As you can see Scenic offers a lot of different packages So just tell them that you want the ride and ask about stand by fares.
    Regardless of which option you choose they will provide transport from the airport to a hotelon the Rim >the BA
    As far the idea of sleeping without walls goes the issue is not about warmth but rather wind weather and wain
    On a cold calm dry night you should be easily able to sleep w/o walls / I've slept out at 10 degrees under those conditions
    If you have a+15 to +20 bag ,a good full length insulating pad under you and if want to go hi-tech[and expensive ] a bivy shelter around you or if you want to go low -tech and cheaper you can use a piece of heavy mil plastic or a tarp you can come upwith a reasonably decent "tent portion" of your shelter for under16 ozs
    The weight savings can be important because water weighs 2lbs/qt and your garden variety "light tent "weighs between 4-6 lbs
    If you hike on the Tonto Platform you always hike from water to water and the source of that water is always a creek i.e Monument or Boucher and almost never the River so your abilty to carry water just makes your life easier
    Some of the water sources in the Canyon are perennial and some are seasonal and snow on the Rim can make all the difference in the world
    Makes sense.
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    me>Canyon hiker and former NoAZresident

  4. Mere_Mortal says:

    It can be stunningly cold on the rim that time of year. 20s to below zero.

    The Phantom Ranch area will be similar to Phoenix.

    I would not consider the tent optional. That can help you stay warm, especially if it gets windy.

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    Avid Grand Canyon Hiker

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