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Grand Canyon Skywalk Coupons

Grand Canyon Skywalk Coupons
Why Pay Full Price When You Can Save Up to 35% Using THESE Coupons?

I'm consumer travel writer Keith Kravitz and welcome to my Grand Canyon Skywalk Coupons page. My first visit to the glass bridge was several years ago during a business trip to Las Vegas. I remember looking at the bridge and going, "Really?" Ten minutes later I was 70 feet past the edge enjoying the experience of a lifetime. Think I'm exaggerating? Play this video...

I've been a fan of the Sky Walk ever since that first visit.

These days, I do the bridge twice year for my Grand Canyon review site. Going so often, however, can get pricey. That's why I constantly scour the Internet for the best Sky Walk deals. I've gotten darn good at it and will confess that ever since my first time I've NEVER paid full price for a Skywalk tour. Use any of the coupons below and neither will you.

Grand Canyon Skywalk Bus
The economical way to get to the Glass Bridge. Includes free hotel shuttle service, Hoover Dam photo-stop, lunch and Sky Walk tickets.
Cost: $207 $134 (Save $73 )
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Grand Canyon West Rim Bus, Heli & Boat
This deal is too good to not post. Features helicopter bottom descent & Colorado boat ride. Lunch, hotel shuttle, and guided rim tour included!
Cost: $317 $234 (Save $83)
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Grand Canyon Skywalk Helicopter
Vegas to Skywalk in 45 minutes! Spectacular aerial views of the canyon. VIP Sky Walk access. Comes with hotel pick up/drop off and lunch.
Cost: $489 $394 (Save $95)
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Grand Canyon Skywalk Helicopter & Boat
The king of Skywalk helicopter tour! Fly to bottom of Canyon. Take a Colorado River boat ride. Cut to front of line & walk the Glass Bridge!
Cost: $609 $484 (Save $125)
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Grand Canyon Skywalk Airplane
Flight time from Vegas to Glass Walkway: 25 minutes! Fly in a custom, 19-passenger Vistaliner aircraft. Includes lunch & VIP glass bridge tickets!
Cost: $349 $249 (Save $100)
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The Skywalk is a spectacular experience. Nowhere else in the world can you stroll 70 feet past the edge of the Grand Canyon and hover above the Colorado River. Need more thrills? Add on helicopter ride and descend 4,000 feet to the bottom and a boat ride down the mighty Colorado. This is the part of the canyon where you are most definitely king/queen of the world!

Make It a Grand Day!



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